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   Click on the appropriate plan above for pricing and details.

TRIAL PACKAGE: (For all new customers)

100 chats for $99.00 including agent training. (Limited Time Special Offer!)

All new customers are required to start with a Trial Package . The fee includes 1 full days of training for 3 Chat Agents, 6 working days of 24/7 customer support on your website.(additional training days available for $25/day). We will use this trial period to estimate your monthly usage, and setup your billing system.

By signing up for our service, you agree to abide by our Terms of Service.

  What happens after I order the Trial?

Please note: After ordering your trial package, you will be redirected to an online questionnaire about your company and it's products and services. Please complete this form, as it will assist us in preparing the training materials for your online Chat Agents. Thanks!


$1.00 per 10 minute chat
(increments of 10 minutes)

Option 1: 24/7 availability: minimum monthly fee of $400 (400 chats)

Option 2: 12/5 availability: minimum monthly fee of $300 (300 chats)

Operators on the Pay Per Chat plan are shared among a maximum of 3-4 companies. Includes as many chat requests or emails as one Chat Agent can handle.

Based on the number of chats/day during the Trial Package period, we will estimate your monthly usage requirements and suggest an order size and a re-order point. For example:

  Estimated monthly usage = 520 chats
  Suggested order size = 800 chats
  Re-order point = 100 chats

Invoice is emailed via PayPal or 2CheckOut whenever your re-order point is reached.


Option 1:
24/7 availability: $1,999.00 per month (only $2.75 per hour!)

Option 2: Custom shifts available: at only $2.99 per hour!

Dedicated Operators are Not Shared among multiple companies, they answer chat requests on your website only.  For those with high chat volumes, this provides improved service at a reduced cost

Operators with specialized skills such as technical support are available, or we can recruit according to your own particular requirements.

Billing is on a monthly basis, with invoices  emailed via PayPal or 2CheckOut on the 15th of the previous month.


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