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Please click on the "Start Demo" link below to view a Flash movie of a simulated live chat session, and see how our Chat Operators can answer your customer's questions through live chat on YOUR website!

Those on a slower dial-up connection may prefer to scroll down and view the still screenshots below. (Flash movie may take 2+ minutes to download and begin playing).

At the end of the movie, please close your browser window to return to this page.

If a visitor to your website requires assistance, they can start a chat session with one of our chat operators by clicking on a "Live Chat" link such as the one shown below:

Our Chat Operators can also initiate a chat session with a visitor proactively by causing a popup "Live chat invitation" to float across the visitor's screen.  We suggest using this feature to entice your visitors with a special offer:

When the visitor clicks on either of the above images, a "pre-chat" window such as the one below will be opened.  This can be used to obtain the customer's name and email address, or any other desired information.  This is an optional feature for Live Chat.  After the visitor clicks on "Send", they will be connected to a Chat Operators assigned to your site:

Our Chat Operators then greets the visitor and answers any questions they may have, using the Knowledgebase which we have prepared from your training materials.  They can even "push" WebPages, surveys, or other documents onto the visitor's screen!

At the end of the chat session, the visitor may be given an opportunity to rate the chat operators , to request a copy of the Live chat transcript, and to provide additional comments.  This information helps chat operators to improve the quality of our service, and also helps you to improve the quality of your own products and services.  This is an another optional feature.

We hope this demonstration has clearly shown how chat operators can significantly improve your online customer service and sales!

For more information on our special Trial Package offer, please click here.  Or try a live chat yourself by clicking on the "Live Chat " link on the upper left of all our web pages.  Operators are standing by to assist you 24 hours a day.

We look forward to serving you soon!

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